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BUY THE   2012 V1 Electronic Management Kit (EMK) 

ONLY $750.00


This EMK has only minor differences from the 2013 model and can easily be modified to the current model.  Half the price and you need only a few parts to modify to 2013 V2.

1 RIGHT HAND TRIGGER which send a signal to an electronic card in the PWC
1 LEFT HAND  START/STOP and Emergency stop
1 ELECTRIC CABLE links with the electronic card
1 ROTATION SYSTEM COMPOSED OF SPECIFIC PLASTIC BEARING BALLS which allows the rotation of the thread inside the hose
1 ELECTRONIC SYSTEM composed of a learning mode which manage power
1 ELECTRIC BEAM to connect the PWC (start/stop, cut out box)
1 ELECTRICAL MOTOR (inside the electric box)
1 ACCELERATOR CABLE (different according to the PWC model which links the electrical motor and throttle body)The Electronic Management Kit allow the operator to power the Flyboard by themselves.

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The Flyboard attaches to any Jet Ski (PWC) and once attached you can Fly like a bird or swim like a dolphin. We have all dreamed of flying, now it is possible, with the new and exciting Flyboard.

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